Easter Friday

What’s for supper?

You know it’s Friday, right?
Yeah, sure, Lent is over, but you have to do something. Them’s the rules.
For the last few years, I’ve continued to go meatless on Fridays. Most of the time, it’s no trouble at all. But every so often, something comes up: we go out to eat or to someone’s house, and not having meat is awkward or even rude. In such cases I might decide to drink water only or come up with some other substitution (acceptable on Fridays outside of Lent). But even then, I’ve caught myself surveying the situation (BBQ at friends’ house: steak, wine, homemade pie…hmm, maybe I’ll sacrifice something tomorrow) and picking something convenient.
A friend recently mentioned doing penitential prayers on the Fridays outside of Lent. I questioned her further, since I had no idea what she was talking about. She said her family did a litany on Fridays as a substitution. What a great idea!
I went through a list of indulgenced prayers, sought Bill’s opinion, and finally selected the Te Deum as a worthy substitution for meatless Fridays. I actually plan to observe meatless Fridays as often as possible, but for the Fridays I forget, or we’re traveling, or we are at the “mercy” of someone else’s cooking, I’ll have pre-planned my sacrifice.
As for us tonight, I’ve heard there’s a local place that sells British-style fried fish on Fridays. I’m going to check it out. If they don’t, I bought my own batter and some flounder. Yum yum.
Remember, it’s not the sacrifice as much as it is the obedience.
***UNCLE!!: Okay, I thought the exceptions were for Solemnities only! I’ll grant you the Octave of Easter (although I still intend to have fried fish tonight, because I like it!). I guess my post for next Friday is already done…

11 thoughts on “Easter Friday

  1. Easter Friday, though, since it is within the Octave of Easter, doesn’t count as a regular Friday–the whole of the Octave is “still” Easter! So tonight’s a MEAT night even though it IS Friday! (We’re a meatless-on-Fridays family ourselves–which, living in a southern coastal city, doesn’t mean much “sacrifice” given all the fresh fish options!)So tonight? Have a steak!

  2. Oh, I was gonna say what Jenny said. We were so happy to eat bacon with breakfast this morning!

  3. In the Eastern Churches we are FORBIDDEN to abstain or fast on Friday in Bright Week. In honor of Resurrection, no abstaining today!

  4. I am with you Michelle, we still don’t eat meat on Friday’s the entire year except during the Easter season. We do an additional prayer or devotion on Friday’s until the Lord’s Ascension. Then we go back to no meat on Friday’s. I like the scripture where Jesus said you don’t fast while the bridgroom is still with you, but when he is away. Mark 2 18-22Thanks for the link, I think we will say that prayer today 😉

  5. You know, that last sentence really helps me out when I think of how much my family ENJOYS and LOOKS FORWARD to fish dinners! Yeah, I could make them all tasteless and penitential, but then it would get wasted, and what good is that?

  6. I was logging in to tell you what Jenny, Kristing, and Renee have. So enjoy the non-fasting dinner!

  7. WHAT?!?! Man, why didn’t I read this BEFORE I had my meatless lunch?!?!?(huffy sigh) Well, better late than never… :-p

  8. Funny, when my little bro (the priest) and I discussed this a few years ago, he gave me “the look” and said, “If you don’t eat meat on Friday, you don’t eat meat on Friday EVER.” Apparently there is a diversity of approaches. 😉And yes, I choked a little over my hamburger today, but the hamburger was the act of penance. YUCK!

  9. Fridays are penitential – except during the octave of Easter – but you can do a work of mercy. Like pray for Hilary Clinton’s soul! That will make any hamburger go down better, whether you live in a red state or a square state or or or….!Mwah!Kitchen Madonna

  10. Thanks for the link to the Te Deum prayer. Unfortunately I keep pronouncing it “tedium”. Ugh! Lovely though!

  11. Every day in the Octave is a solemnity, so you are actually correct. That’s why the Annunciation had to be moved.

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