The Loveliness of Movie Night

I said to my husband:

I summarize her blog to Bill a lot, and I always begin the same way. I think he knows who Sarah is from the first mention of her name, but I have to say the whole thing, like it’s her title or something.

“…she’s hosting a Loveliness Fair. The topic is ‘staying connected to the ones we love.’ So, how do we stay connected?”

“OK. Hmmm…maybe you could write about how we’ve progressed to the oral *** stage: we pass each other in the hall and say ‘F*** you!’ “

I narrowed my eyes to wee slits. “That’s not very lovely.”

Or true. But my husband never lets the truth stand between him and a funny punch line.


On Saturday nights, we usually watch a movie together. We try to wait until the kids are asleep to avoid interruptions, which generally means we begin rather late. My body often would rather be sleeping, but such are the sacrifices we make for love. Sometimes we watch something silly, sometimes it’s not to my liking, or something I would pick myself, and sometimes it really gives us an opener for a conversation.

Occasionally, we skip our movie night. One of us is too tired or has other more “important” work to do. But we try to keep those excuses to a minimum. I miss it when we don’t do it. I’d rather watch a bad movie – with my husband there to groan with me – and face a mountain of dishes in the morning than not to have this regular time together.

9 thoughts on “The Loveliness of Movie Night

  1. Congratulations, like much of your blog! would like you to make a visit! []

  2. I’m so glad I didn’t have food in my mouth when I read your joke. It suited the naughtier side of my humour. I agree: it’s better to face the dishes in the AM than skip a night on the sofa with the hubby and a film in. Cheers!

  3. Doug and I just recently watched one of your movie night flicks — “Stranger Than Fiction.” I admit I fell asleep, but he really enjoyed it. We watched “Reign On Me” the other night. I think you and Bill might like it. I’m not an Adam Sandler fan at all, but he was good.

  4. ROTFL! And it must be in the water, because my hubby delivered the same punch line last Wednesday!

  5. We have our movie night on Saturdays too. I have to admit that we didn’t really like Stranger than Fiction, or we might have if we had not fell asleep. I value our movie nights, and they often come late too, which is a sacrifice considering we go to 8:15am Mass every Sunday. It’s hard to go to bed late and get up early with four cranky kids. But, it’s worth that time with hubby.

  6. Your husband and my husband have the exact same sense of humor.

  7. I laughed so hard Mr. KM came running up the stairs. I let him read your blog and then he laughed so hard that Son #2 came running up the stairs to see what was going on. Then we slammed the computer lid down, looked at each other, and giggled some more! To tell the truth, Journey of Truth told me about it so I had to see for myself! LOL and mwah!

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