In mourning

It was a sad, sad night here. The fact that the Packers did better this entire season than anyone expected was small comfort to little boys weeping themselves to sleep. My solace is that the Super Bowl will be, as it always is, much more enjoyable when nobody in the family really cares who wins.

I took Peter up to bed in the 4th quarter when the game was tied. When I came down, there were less than 2 minutes left, and I warned my boys that it wasn’t looking good. The Giants did a great job marching down the field, running out the clock and getting everything set up for a last second field goal. My boys watched in shock and horror. It had never occurred to them that the Pack might lose.

And then the kicker missed! Oh, the joy. And even better, Green Bay won the coin toss. At that point, I had to go back upstairs to tell Peter to go to sleep. I returned only a few minutes later to wailing. “What happened?” I asked, incredulous that the game was over already. Somehow they choked out that Favre had thrown an interception.

Today, a new day, they seem to be a bit more composed. I’m glad the Super Bowl is in two weeks. We should be emotionally capable of watching football by then.

9 thoughts on “In mourning

  1. You guys are too funny. Nobody here is that tied to football. In fact, football season can come and go without us knowing about it. 🙂

  2. Oh Michele I feel your pain !!! My 2 boys were devastated!!! My heart was broken for them! I too find some relief that I wont be so stressed at the Super Bowl.Love ya, Kelly

  3. It really was a heartbreaker.

  4. I know your pain. My oldest is an Ohio State fan and the game was our first night in VA. He was already missing his home and then he was crushed by his team’s defeat too. Breaks my heart to see them suffer so…but as we are Bears Fans, they might as well get used to it around our house 😉

  5. I’m from Minnesota and even I wanted the Pack to win…especially after that missed field goal and it was anybody’s guess. I mostly felt sorry for the Giants’ coach though, he looked like he might have gotten a bit of frostbite!

  6. I kept checking the score online, but finally couldn’t take it and started watching when they were tied 20 to 20. It was so sad at the end. 😦 We were bummed too.

  7. The Packers lost?! 😉(The Canuck’s a baseball guy, so I find out about these things quite late…)

  8. We watched both games (cuddling in front of our fireplace, yikes everyone looked cold) and the Packers one was a hearbreaker, even though I really couldn’t care less who made it.Best wishes.

  9. Well, this looks like a golden opportunity for more guy time – working together on a paraphrasing of Casy at the Bat comes to mind – “But there is no joy in Mudville….”. sympathies!Love, Mom

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