Girl Stuff – Boy Stuff

After dinner, I took the girls to get haircuts and to shop for shoes. I’m about girled out.

With the lack of estrogen in the house, what were a bunch of males to do? Fence, of course. As in fencing…with swords. The boys have been wanting lessons for quite a while now, so Bill has started giving them some. In our basement. Because there’s so much room down there.

4 thoughts on “Girl Stuff – Boy Stuff

  1. If you guys didn’t move so much, I would love to live next door to you. The Professor is really into fencing! Did your husband fence in college?

  2. I think he started when he was 12, and did it through college. We’ve been hiding his fencing gear for years, but the boys (almost 8 and almost 10) are a good age to start. I just have to make sure that they don’t find out for a few years that their Uncle Tom did sabre fencing, or it’ll be bye-bye foil.

  3. The Professor was telling me that the club he goes to doesn’t teach sabre, just epee and foil. He isn’t sure why.

  4. It’s been 15 years since I’ve been involved in fencing (I was the team manager…dorky things girls do to be with their boyfriends), but back then sabre fencing was hardly fencing. Two guys ran at each other and whoever looked more aggressive and also managed to hit their opponent got the point. Maybe the saal near you just wants to be sure kids really learn how to fence?My favorite weapon is epee.

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