Still under quarantine

Pete was awfully lethargic this morning, and sure enough, he had a fever. I knew right away he had strep throat, since both Fritz and Billy have recently had it.

My first thought was how two days ago he was playing with his spit experimenting with the viscosity of human saliva, and, when he got bored, he turned to the baby to offer her his love and affection. Of course, I got some of this love too. Lovely.

Fortunately, the clinic was open today, so I took him and his three sisters in for throat cultures. The doc gave him some antibiotics right away anyway since all evidence points to strep.

On a wholly unrelated note, if you’ve ever tried to clean something greasy or oily, for instance spreadable butter, off of a slick surface, for example the storm window on the front door, you’d know that water doesn’t work very well.

I’d like to recommend Windex with vinegar. It takes butter (or other oily substances) right off windows (or other smooth surfaces). It does well on doors, hardwood floors, linoleum, and tables too.

Don’t ask how I know. Let’s just say even a lethargic toddler can manage to keep his mom on her toes.


2 thoughts on “Still under quarantine

  1. oh, i hope you all feel better soon! thanks, petey, for sharing the love!

  2. You crack. me. up. (And give me great pointers, though I don’t so much have a storm door that’s all glass (the tv screen, I would like to note, is a slick surface))Hoping and praying you and Marybell don’t get the “love.” 🙂

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