On a mission

For the record, I don’t like beer. Well, one – Bill found one beer that I would drink. It was some raspberry flavored Belgian ale, I think. I liked it because it didn’t taste like beer, so I really don’t think that counts.

But I can appreciate the fact that not all beers are alike, and some are of a higher quality than others, and if you aren’t a poor college student or on a strict budget, then spending a bit extra and getting something good is better than forcing yourself to drink garbage. And since some of the worst morning afters I’ve had were caused by cheap wine, I assume beer is much the same way.

When we moved here in July, I stopped at the Class VI to pick up some beer for Bill, because I love him very much and knew a good beer would make him happy. A quick glance around and I knew it was going to be a tough year for him. Finally, he has the leisure to enjoy beer on a regular basis, and the store has NOTHING. Well, if you like American beer, you’ve got a huge selection, but the imported section was, I think, two shelves inside one refrigerated cabinet. I went home and reported on this sad state of affairs. He’s been a trooper, but is not so desperate that he’s been drinking typical American beer. Mainly, he’s been trying the locally brewed stuff.

But it’s Oktoberfest time, and what is a German party without German beer, right? He went to the Class VI to see if he could order our usual brand: Spaten Oktoberfest. Swing and a miss: strike one. He came home and called a few local liquor stores. Nope, strike out.

Today’s mission for me has been to find some German beer. I’ve been trying to find Spaten, but I’ve gotten so desperate that I’m just looking for something German. I’m calling as far away as Kansas City, but I think I’d even drive farther than that. It’s almost become an obsession, and I have a pretty wild look in my eyes aided by the dilated pupils caused by the concussion I’ve given myself from banging my head on the desk.

At last place I called, I asked if they sold imported beer. “Sure”, she said. “German?” I asked. Heinekin,” she offered. I shrieked and nearly dropped the phone.

Kansas was beginning to grow on me. But I just don’t think I can deal with this.

10 thoughts on “On a mission

  1. May Bill enjoy the beer. Like you, I don’t like it, but am married to a beer drinker. I like a good hard liquor myself.

  2. Time to develop the homebrewing hobby. My dad and brother have mastered the art and now compete against each other in our NJ state fair each summer! (This year my brother won Best in Show.)

  3. At my last straw, I called a liquor store in the next town over and the guy was very nonchalant about having the capability of ordering the Spaten Oktoberfest beer we want. Bill came home for lunch as I was jumping up and down with excitement while on the phone with the place. Kansas is looking like a great place to live, especially since the beer is much cheaper here than in VA!

  4. the raspberry ale – was it this?http://thecellaronline.com/lilafr75.htmlthat’s my personal beverage of choice, when i can get it. it tastes nothing like beer because instead of hops or wheat they brew it with fruit. 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m glad you found some. If you didn’t find any closer than St. Louis, I was going to offer to drive down from Detroit with a carload and meet you in St. Louis with it. Anyone with more than a few drops of Central European blood should help a sister in need!…though I, too, prefer hard liquor to beer. (It’s the Polish blood coming through. Either that or the redneck.)

  6. Heather, I don’t know if it was that brand, but it was definitely a lambic. I spent a semester in Brussels and never had a fruity beer I liked (tried lots of them). Either my palate has changed or the one that my husband had me try was just the right combo. But still, it LOOKS like a WINE.Kasia, wow, drive all the way to St. Louis for me! You might as well just keep going and come to the party! I did find some Warsteiner (in bottles), and could have made do with that, I suppose. It’s not a Bavarian beer, though. All’s well that ends well.My drink of choice: gin and tonic. I have them very rarely. I crave them very often.

  7. Michelle said it was going to be fun watching me squirm, surrounded by “middle America.” It’s good to see some of this snob has rubbed off on her a bit.Heather – That’s the stuff. Of course no one here could they tell the difference between a porter and a stout much less a lambic. Heck, they think Sam Adams is “exotic”.

  8. Oh the HORROR! Heehee, I love a dark, German beer. I never thought I would, but it must be my 100% German heritage genes that make it impossible to resist a good beer, and impossible to balk at a crappy one. Oh, I see in the comments you finally found something! I love how you will stop at nothing to please your wonderful hubs! You are one, good woman!

  9. OH Michelle,I am so sorry! I was going to ask if there was a large German immigrant population somewhere near by that would have a little local fest where you might find some good beer, but… perhpas not. I still have some of my steins from Germany, lol.And as Barb said, he should try to homebrew!! We are going to try and make some wine around here someday. We have to collect enough money between the sofa cushions for all the things you need though.

  10. Oh, I’m glad you found it! My DH is a big beer drinker (not me!), and when we went to Germany, we stopped at a monastery where they brewed great beer, but told him it was only available around Alten. Soo, naturally, we had to go through 4 security checks (post 9/11) with a carry-on bag stuffed with bottles of beer.Wouldn’t you know it that we found the beer, 6 years later, at a German restaurant just down the road?!?Have a great Oktoberfest!

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