Kids and movies and reality

This weekend, we went to a birthday party for a boy turning 4. The theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. Billy especially enjoyed donning an eye patch, bandanna and two gold hoop earrings. “Don’t worry, Mom,” he said, “They’re not putting holes in my ears.”

The adult host confessed to my husband that he was a bad father and had allowed his still 3 year old son to watch the movie 300. They both enjoyed it. They wanted to do a 300 theme for the party, but The Mom said no. I agreed that a 300 theme for a 4 year old’s party was inappropriate. Bill replied:

“Oh, so instead of honoring brave warriors who gave their lives to defend all of Greece and civilization, we’re encouraging our children to dress up as common criminals?”

He has a point.

At this party, the movie The Cat in the Hat was playing. My kids had never seen it, although we had just recently been reading the book after a several month long hiatus. The next day, Jenny told me:

“Mommy, the book got it wrong.”

Oy vey.

We like to watch old movies around here, and even the kids enjoy Roy Rogers and other classics. I don’t even really notice that these flicks are in black and white. These movies combined with a recently read Calvin and Hobbes comic inspired Billy to ask:

“Dad, did the world really used to be with no color?”

And finally, like teens who have learned a few curse words in a foreign language and think that their parents won’t object to foul mouths if they can’t understand what is being said, my kids think the word schnook is permissible. Thank you, Foghorn Leghorn. I’ve argued it before (here in Nutmeg’s comments section) and I’ll say it again: just because you use an arcane word to call someone stupid doesn’t make it any better. My husband disagrees and thinks the kids’ use of the term is really funny, especially when Billy quips:

“Schnook…chicken….they both look great in our oven!”

Random day, random kid: Mom, what’s for dinner?

Me: Loud-mouthed schnooks.

One thought on “Kids and movies and reality

  1. I will say it again, “Loud mouth schnook” cracks me up.BTW… is 8 hours too far to drive to an Oktoberfest?😉

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