It was the best of times…

I thought it was just pregnancy, but it’s a small wonder that my rear end has been hurting. Bill found three matchbox cars shoved through a tear in the vinyl upholstery of my desk chair. I think the chair has finally made it to the list of Things-I’ll-Put-Up-With-For-Now-But-Will-Throw-Away-When-We-Move. It’s only ten months.

Yesterday was a great day. The kids did their morning chores and routines with little complaint. They got right into their school work with minimal procrastination. Fritz was the last one done – at 1215 pm – but that was only because I was eating lunch and waited until I was done to check his math and have him correct the few problems he missed.

After eating lunch, the kids were running around outside, including Peter whose outfit of choice was his birthday suit. They were in the back yard, so it was fine. Then Jenny and Peter decided to play dress up and this is what I saw:

“Mommy, look! It fits him!” Jenny was very happy that her witch’s dress from last year’s Halloween costume was just right on Peter. Personally, I love the patent leather tap shoes, but I think I preferred him naked. And the beads around Jenny’s waist are very Franciscan, don’t you think? Bill came home briefly and just shook his head at the sight.

I enjoyed a few minutes of playing around with my blogger template, because I have nothing better to do, really, and then decided to go check on the kids who had first migrated from the back to the side yard and now seemed to be in the front. It was getting close to 1 pm and Pete’s nap time.

Sure enough, I found Peter the Witch playing football with our three-year-old neighbor while his mom watched in complete amusement. I’m glad she has a sense of humor. The other kids were running around and burning off excess energy, happy to be free from the shackles of formal schooling for the day. And then…

…and then, a woman and her young son walked up to talk to my neighbor. The neighbor introduced us. The woman tried to count the swarming masses, and I told her there were five, yes, we homeschool. This was all very positive. I love living in a community where there are so many homeschoolers that it’s just accepted as another alternative. But this poor woman was trying to figure out how many boys and how many girls I had and was very confused. Finally I explained that Peter was a boy, and we follow the old-fashioned custom of keeping the boys in dresses until they are 5 or 6 when they graduate to knickers.

I guess it’s a good thing I really don’t care too much what other people think, eh?

Or rather, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t mind people laughing at my family.

After this, it was nap time. I told the older kids they could watch TV (oh! the cheers!), and Pete went right away to sleep. I finished cleaning up the kitchen, told the kids they couldn’t watch Animal Planet without an adult (too late: we got a discourse on the mating habits of frogs at the dinner table) and went up to lie down myself for an hour.
And the best part of the day? In the morning I had said to Bill, “I have to go to the grocery store…can you be home by 4 pm?” Six months ago, I would have been happy to have him home by 6 pm, so I laughed to myself that I was even able to make such a reasonable request. But the best part was when he came home at 315 pm, and apologized for being late!
Yes, it was a good day indeed.

5 thoughts on “It was the best of times…

  1. Sounds like a fabulously good day to me!Little Brother went through about a week last year when he sported Cutie-Pie (neighbor)’s pink butterfly wings on his back. When questioned, he said that they are his Jet Pack. So don’t worry, there’s hope for Pete.Who do you think is the source of the Matchbox cars? Or haven’t you interrogated them on that score yet?

  2. Snicker! tee hee. Ouch, the cars just sound awful.

  3. I’d roll in the floor but my apartment is strewn with packed up boxes so I’ll have to do something else. This is hilarious. Petey is so cute as a witch!

  4. Pete is adorable in the witch costume! LOL When our six year old son was 3 or 4, I got a photo of him in a pink tutu, hat on his head and a wand in his hand. Those memories are priceless! 🙂

  5. I love the photo of Pete. He is absolutely adorable! Lindsey dressed Tony similarly a few days ago and I thought it was cute. Howevever, when my mother in law dropped by she was horrified and had me remove the clothes immediately, nevermind his shrieks of protest and his sister’s pride in having dressed him all by herself. Ah, well, what can you do? Not everyone is as confident as I that a cross-dressing 2 year old does NOT equal a less-than-manly adult.

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