Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Interesting article on Mother Teresa’s Dark Night of the Soul.

“…believers don’t claim to “know” God. That’s why they are called “believers.” To be a believer means, “Even though I do not know, I have faith.” Nor do believers, however devout, experience God on a constant basis. There is a big chasm that [sic] between the terrestrial and the transcendental, and a terrible silence usually separates the two. A glimpse or foretaste of eternity, this is all that we get, if we’re lucky.”

I didn’t realize that Christopher Hitchens’ hate-filled book on Mother Teresa was called The Missionary Position. I hope I never understand this ideological loathing. The most despicable “religious” practice I can think of is that of human sacrifice, but I don’t hate a religion that espouses it, and I certainly couldn’t take one person and direct all of my animosity against human sacrifice to that one person. I don’t care that Christopher Hitchens is an atheist, and I certainly don’t hate him because of it. I don’t even pity him because he is an atheist (sadness, not pity, and still firm hope…always hope). But I do pity him for needing to sink to such depths to…what? justify? his beliefs. He cannot prove that God does not exist any more than I can prove that God does exist. Does slandering a saintly dead woman really win him converts?

Blessed Teresa, please pray for Christopher Hitchens, and I will too. It’s the meanest thing I think we can do to him.

7 thoughts on “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

  1. That last line is golden! I am going to chuckle every time I think of it today (and remember to say a Hail Mary for him)!

  2. I find Mother Teresa even more lovely, thinking that she didn’t have any particular “in” with God, but still managed to live such a beautiful, holy, love-filled life. It gives me hope that I’m not so bad off, after all. 🙂

  3. Wow! Things are getting pretty fancy over here!

  4. Heh…like my dear dad always said, “Love your enemies – it drives ’em nuts!”

  5. it must be scary for an atheist to think that someone who did not ‘feel’ the presence of God, still had such an intense faith. i think atheists like to argue that religion is basically sentimentality. this idea seems to be completely disproved by mother teresa’s life. this must, in fact, be a terrifying idea to anyone claiming to be an atheist, because it seems to in fact show that loving God can be a rational exerciseof the will. and every ‘feeling’ can actually counteract it. what is an atheist to think of his own stance? can he feel safe in his lack of ‘feeling’ for God? this is the great gift of her life. that God has used her to show that feelings are unnecessary to Love. of course it’s wonderful when we have those moments of feeling His presence, but, it seems, not necessary.

  6. Oh! I like this format even better!

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