Time for chores

My day began with Billy throwing up. And doing so rather untidily. He’s rarely sick, so I’m trying not to alarm myself with irrational fears that he caught some incurable and deadly disease at the pediatrician’s office yesterday when he crab-walked on the floor. I’m usually pretty calm about dirt and germs, but the two places where I pretty much freak-out (as much as I am capable of freaking out) about my kids touching things, especially the floor, are doctors’ offices and public restrooms.

I think the pregnancy hormones are making me a bit more panicky than normal.

Thankfully, there is absolutely nothing on my calender for today. Just school.

And my ever-growing to-do list. So, I’ll push-up my sleeves, get out the rug shampooer, and start tackling those chores before the sun’s beckoning rays drag us outside. And today, Petey will get his nap, yes, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Time for chores

  1. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon and that you ALL have a restful day. (I’m guessing that if Petey naps, you nap too!)

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon – and that the rest of you stay healthy. — The two places I can usually count on my children picking up some germs and getting sick later – are the doctor’s office and McDonald’s playland.

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better soon, and that you avoid getting it. Sigh.

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