Hot Off the Press

Press Release

Right now, women across the United States and the blogosphere are searching thrift stores, ebay, and their mother’s linen drawers for aprons to wear May 14th. Some are making their own. Wearing their aprons inside and outside of their homes, Apron Moms will celebrate their pivotal role in making a house a home.

As the search for domestic bliss continues, a search that includes cleaning and decluttering, cooking tasty nutritious meals, educating children, and the care and feeding of husbands, women will celebrate the difference they make in the lives of their families. They know an apron is like a uniform that conveys authority, unconditional regard, and motherly wisdom all at once. Apron Moms know aprons are about cooking and cleaning but they are also about emotional availablity, hospitality, and femininity.

On Monday, May 14th, apron wearing women will drop children off at school,
go to the post office and grocery store, and greet their families at the door
wearing their aprons. Some will go to their work outside of the home. But
regardless of where they spend most of their day, they will post pictures on
their blogs of the places they boldly wear their aprons.

There will be a virtual cocktail party at 5pm CST to giggle about our experiences, to toast the internet’s role in bringing us together, and to plan next year’s Apron Mom March on Washington.

The devil very well may wear Prada but authentically feminine women wear

For further information, please email the Kitchen Madonna at

Alas, next year I won’t be in the DC area to host any marchers, and photos for the boys’ baseball team are right at the time of the virtual cocktail party. I’ll make a virtual gin and tonic and toast apron-wearers throughout history while the boys pose for their mug shots. Do I dare wear an apron to such an event?

If you don’t have an apron, maybe it’s time to check out KM’s Etsy shop. Surely, she has a style and pattern that will suit your kitchen. Be sure to tell her that I sent you.

One thought on “Hot Off the Press

  1. Nice post. That is what an apron means.

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