The Stockings

The final product

Army Christmas Stocking

ACU camouflage pattern

$20 plus shipping and handling

This is what it looks like with the US ARMY tape on the top velcro and a unit patch on the bottom velcro. Those are not included.

This is what it looks like with “stuff” in it. The “stuff” is not included.

Email me (on sidebar) if you want one. Lead times depend on how well my kids behave over the next week. All proceeds will go directly to a worthy military family (mine).

Angoraknitter and Jennie can claim free ones for their hubbies because they regularly leave such nice comments on my blog (email me your address, ok?).

2009 Updated link with new photo

8 thoughts on “The Stockings

  1. Those look really nice!!! I’m impressed!!
    HEY! Thanks for adding me to your sidebar! I just noticed that! 🙂

  2. Your stocking came out really nicely! And you are so very sweet.

  3. I love how the velcro patch is also a pocket too! That’s awesome! Hmmm, a free stocking eh? That’s very sweet…It’s funny cause I was all busy showing John the pictures before I even read that part. But let me know if you end up with any left over and I will probably buy one.

  4. Pardon my military ignorance, but would these be acceptable for any branch of the service? We just spent Thanksgiving with my mom who lives in San Antonio. The Air Force does basic training at Lackland AFB and she has participated in a program called Operation Homecooking for years now. You get to bring two trainees home for Thanksgiving so they can have a nice homecooked meal. The two we got this year were very chatty and friendly. My mom might like to order a few to have on hand next year to send to the families (since they aren’t allowed to take anything back on base). What do you think?

    Formerly CMW —
    now signing off with a real name, but still maintaining a little bit of anonymity.

  5. Matilda – these particular ones won’t work for Air Force, but I happen to have some BDU fabric that I could cut up and make for those in the Air Force. They wouldn’t have the velcro, but I could put a really nice pocket on it like the one in my earlier post. I wouldn’t put the US ARMY part on there, but the old Army uniform is the same as the current Air Force one. Same price.

  6. Hello,

    I have been trying to find a camo Christmas stocking for awhile, I have came across several but none of them seem as nice as yours. And the quality looks awesome. You see my son which is 7 yrs. old is so impressed with military camo anything and he just happened to tell me tonight that he wanted a camo stocking really bad. So I told him that I would do my best. My husband is also in the military (Air National Guard- previous Air Force) and he really looks up to his daddy. We even had to go and buy him his own BDU’s just so he could dress like dad. But anyways I was wanting to know if you are stilling taking requests, and how long would it take, and how much are they. I was wondering if instead of putting the U.S. Army on it would it be possible to put his name instead, And just leave the pocket blank?

    Thank you so much and again wonderful job.

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