My husband, my hero

When Bill was deployed to Kosovo in 2003, we lived in a wholly civilian neighborhood. Most people I knew did not know one single other person in the military – not a cousin or a nephew or even a brother of a friend.

When things went wrong with the house or household appliances, I first tried calling friends to see if they wouldn’t mind loaning their husbands to come and take care of this or that. These were really good friends who helped me tremendously while Bill was gone and who would have gladly sawed off their husband’s left arm if it would have alleviated some of my suffering. But in response to my request to fix a storm door, they ALL said, “He’s just not handy like that.” I couldn’t believe they accepted that excuse.

Bill is not afraid of inanimate objects.

So when I pushed the button to start the dryer this morning and it made a horrible sound and emitted a burning smell, I fled to my brave knight and petitioned his assistance. He put down his freshly poured bowl of cereal and came to see what was the matter. I demonstrated the dryer’s bad behavior, and he (God bless him) immediately, although a bit grumpily, motioned to begin battle. Soothed by his confident and calm demeanor, I bade him finish his breakfast first.

After eating and changing out of his pajamas, he took apart the machine to discover that a pencil had gotten sucked in – probably through the lint trap – and had jammed the belt. Can you imagine the jubilant cheers that arose upon news of his triumphant victory? Had I had fresh flowers, I’d have thrown them at his feet or possibly woven them into a crown. The bleak threat of hauling loads of wet clothes to a laundromat to dry was dissipated in a moment and there was joy in all the land.

At least in my neck of it!

7 thoughts on “My husband, my hero

  1. Yes, I agree…there’s nothing like a good husband to take care of you!

    I like to take a bubble bath on Sunday evenings, after the kids are in bed. My beloved remarked on my regularity the other night…”It’s the stress of having me home,” he said. “No,” I answered. “I never take a bath when you aren’t home because I feel too vulnerable without you.” He was so pleased to know that I value his protection so highly!

  2. That’s sweet, Jennie.

    I have a friend who takes a bubble bath every evening while her husband stands guard at the door to prevent her kids from disturbing her!

    The stress of having him home beats the stress of him being gone any day, huh?

  3. Joy in all the land, indeed.

    I am blessed with one of those “quite handy” awesome husbands too. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?!

    Growing up (my father is an attorney, worked many hours, and wore suits all day), if something broke his first response was to grab the phone. 🙂 EEK!

  4. Wow. I’m very much impresses, and envious’re both very, very lucky.

  5. Actually, I’m really impressed too. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if there hadn’t been a certain amount of doubt about his success.

  6. Around here phrases like “He’s just not THAT handy ” generally mean that if he tries it then it will cost at least $50 more than the average do-it-yourselfer.
    Now my dad and brothers…sheesh they tore down walls and added rooms onto our houses when we were growing up! Thankfully we have a WONDERFUL neighbor who enjoys spending time with my husband and teaching him how to hold a flashlight! LOL

  7. I’m just happy to have a husband willing to TRY to figure out the problem. I find the no-can-do attitude very unattractive. Had he taken it apart and scratched his head in befuddlement, it would have been ok too…no rose crown though.

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