Rejoice and be glad

This is the day that the Lord has made…

450 am Baby in his crib, hungry, crying. Situation: normal. Outlook: cautiously optimistic.

520 am Baby in master bed, not hungry, not crying, not asleep. Situation: not normal. Outlook: slightly pessimistic, but adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

600 am Baby in his crib, asleep. Master bed made. House quiet. Coffee fresh and hot. Situation: not normal, but in a fantastic way. Outlook: this will be a great day.

700 am Fritz and Jenny awake. Jenny demonstrating negetive side effects of too little sleep. Situation: normal. Outlook: doubtfully optimistic.

800 am Billy and Katie awake. Baby and guests asleep. Situation: normal. Outlook: unchanged.

805 am Baby now also awake, thanks to Jenny. Situation: unfortunately normal. Outlook: stubbornly optimistic.

1000 am Everyone awake. Pouring rain. Children already squabbling. Blogging on laptop with sticky keys (Gatorade disaster). Typing entry for second time due to some technical error that wiped out my entry the first time. Situation: hopelessly normal. Outlook: desperately optimistic.

…we will rejoice and be glad.

2 thoughts on “Rejoice and be glad

  1. Stay strong, Michelle! Good for you for the stubborn optimism…keep it up and I hope there was something salvaged in your day!

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I’m an eternal optimist, so every day is a good day, even the bad ones.Final outcome: pretty normal.

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