Better than Christmas

This past Christmas, we had to wake up our children. It was pathetic. The little ones were up, but the older three were snoozing away long after 7 am.


Today, my sister, her husband and their 2 children are coming to visit. They will arrive sometime around lunchtime, perhaps. I’ve told the kids they won’t be here until dinner.

It is not yet 6 am. I would much rather be in bed, but instead I’m allowing myself a few minutes to check email before I do laundry, unload the dishwasher, tidy that one section of kitchen counter that collects all the clutter, and then finish cleaning off my desk (the one at which I’m sitting right now, which is in the den/guest bedroom where my sister will be sleeping), and I can hear the thudding of two boys bouncing out of bed.

Christmas is Christmas, but Jack and Morgan coming to visit is a really good reason to get out of bed early!

One thought on “Better than Christmas

  1. LOL! Visitors at dinnertime always mean an early wake-up, so they can spend the day asking you “how long until they get here?”Hope you all have a blast–and you get a nap!

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