Wouldn’t you like to be a Gilbert too?

I needed to print out a 14 page document to read before tomorrow’s showdown at the local library with the local homeschool group, and I decided to do a blog stroll. One thing led to another, and I found myself at Chesterton and Friends reading about how I can Gilbert up my existence:

Make vows, and keep them; but always forgive those who can not. Challenge your foes, and defeat them; but offer always the hand of friendship once the foe is at your feet. Live, in short, with honour.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read much Chesterton, but what I have read is fantastic. Since most of you who visit my blog are moms with young kids and little time, I can’t seriously suggest you pick up a copy of Orthodoxy and dive in. But the Father Brown series is good for lighter summer reading, and Brave New Family (copyright 1990 by Ignatius Press) is a great collection of shorter essays that amaze me with their pertinance to today’s issues despite being written nearly a century ago.

And I simply must laugh…as I write this, the ink of my 14 page document long dry, I receive an email from the president of the homeschool group reminding us of our meeting tomorrow and telling us that we “may” bring our children, “but please bring something quiet for them to do (we’ll be in the same room). “

Oh, heaven help me make a friend of this foe.

In the meantime, I need to go load my six-shooters…

One thought on “Wouldn’t you like to be a Gilbert too?

  1. I am definitely copying down that quote. And I’ll be praying that today goes smoothly for you 🙂

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