the daily flog

Billy lost his first tooth yesterday.

The Tooth Fairy blew him off last night.

It’s the little failures of motherhood that make me feel so awful.

Update and for future reference: the Tooth Fairy has an email address: I wrote to her this morning and she wrote back:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

my son, Billy, lost his first tooth yesterday. He put it under his pillow last night, but it was still there this morning. I explained that perhaps many many children lost a tooth yesterday and you might have been very busy. I found your email address here, and thought I’d see if you would write him an explanation. He will put the tooth under his pillow again tonight.

Thank you,
Billy’s mom

Dear Billy,
Hi and how are you? Hope that you are not too upset that I could not visit you yesterday but things have been very busy for me lately, and trying to visit all the kids at once I apologize and I promise that I will be passing by real soon, so keep your tooth under the pillow.
Make sure that you take good care of your new teeth!
The Tooth Fairy

Billy is now very happy, and so am I.

One thought on “the daily flog

  1. Don’t worry! The tooth fairy in our house is often behind schedule. She usually makes it up by paying “interest” on the late payment. A couple of extra quarters assuages the guilt nicely.

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