some pictures

There were 26 children making their First Holy Communion this past Sunday. Fritz is front row, second from the right. His teacher is on the top left. I should have been in the photo, too, as teacher’s assistant, but the family got stuck behind dawdlers in the chapel and if I hadn’t scooted, dodged and pushed my way through, we wouldn’t have had this photo at all.
It was great to see my parents and brother, Glenn. This photo was taken just before they left yesterday. I hope to see them again in a few months. Notice Katie’s fashion statement of blue knee-highs worn with shorts and brown cowboy boots.

Although they flew up from Florida, they are driving home in my old mini-van that I’m giving to my sister. Lest you think I’m such a nice person, this 10 year old vehicle will be driven my my brother-in-law and will finally free my sister to visit me without him.

The mini-van works fine, but the inspection expired in April. I asked my dad if he would mind driving it with an invalid inspection (everything else is ok – the registration is fine and it’s still insured). I already knew his answer: he is more than happy to drive it as is. The idea of “breaking the law” but not being responsible for any penalties is very appealing to him! That’s my dad.

Then he told me, “Oh, you shouldn’t have told your mother about the inspection…” She’s, of course, very upset at the idea of doing something illegal. That’s my mom.

And then he laughed at the idea of her being uncomfortable with all this minor law breaking going on. That’s my dad.

And then I laughed too. That’s my father’s daughter!

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