it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We, intentionally, decorate late for Christmas. There are pros and cons to this. The biggest con is that one week before Christmas, things look pretty bleak around here and there is a moment of despair when we think that it won’t all get done. But once we begin to decorate, it’s magic. And then all the reasons why we decorate late make that moment of anxiety melt away.

It’s amazing to me how a bedroom with one string of colored lights haphazardly woven between the dresser mirror and the window and the shelf on the wall seems magical. For a moment I thought we ought to leave them up year round and then I remembered that’s it’s magic is special because it is rare.

So, as Bill is crooning in my ear: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..” I agree and begin to get excited too. And that’s the biggest pro to waiting….the excitement is just now building and we won’t be done with it on December 26th. We know so many people who spend the time between Christmas and New Years undecorating their house. They’re sick of it, since it’s been up for a month already. But around here, January is cheery for a few weeks since we can’t bear to pack up things which we only just labored to put up.

And of course, what gets me most excited? Buying all the special foods – CHEESE glorious cheese.

3 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. I wasn’t even sure that I would decorate at all this year and then a Christmas tree showed up on the stoop of my apartment on Christmas Eve. I guess someone had left town for the holidays and discarded their still-perfectly-good tree. From there, I just went crazy with the lights and decorations!From the looks of all the trees on the curbside this week, a lot of New Yorkers must wait until Epiphany to take down their decorations.

  2. Maybe it’s where I’ve lived. Our last home in New Jersey had very specific “rules” about decorating. On January 1st, down went Christmas and up went hearts and cherubs. On February 15th, down went that and up went shamrocks and leprechauns. On March 18th, down went that and up went bunnies and eggs. On Easter Monday, down went that and up went generic spring: flowers and butterflies. A few days before Memorial Day, up went patriotic decorations which stayed up until back to school time. Then it was Halloween decorations (or fall decorations) until November 1st, then Thanksgiving decorations, then on the Friday after Thanksgiving began the Christmas theme. Like clockwork I watched this for 5 years. Maybe it was just New Jersey. I haven’t been here a full year yet, so I don’t know if it’s the same.

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