happy holidays

Happy Holidays!

Yes, that’s right, Happy Holidays. Whatever you’re celebrating, well, I hope you have the jolliest of time celebrating it.

And what are you celebrating? For me, right now, I’m observing Advent. “Merry Advent” doesn’t really roll off the tongue, you know. Christmas is quite a ways away, but by the time I begin to celebrate THAT, everyone seems to be wishing “Happy New Year” and I celebrate that too.

I’m all for wishing people Merry Christmas and certainly hope that they have one. But, I’m really opposed to the movement to “take back the holiday – put Christ back in Christmas”. Yeah, yeah, yeah, 90% of Americans celebrate “Christmas”…but probably 90% of THOSE people celebrate that holiday where Santa drops down the chimney and leaves loads of stuff. Yeah, my kids think Santa comes, but the gifts have labels that say “From Mom” and “From Dad” not “From Santa”.

Freedom of religion….let everybody do their own thing. I don’t want to force people to fast during Advent or decorate with purple ribbons. So, unless everybody wants to celebrate “Christmas” MY way, then I suggest we leave it at “Happy Holidays”.

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