Packing Up Part II

Last week was the garage, and it looks pretty good!

I had hoped to get a head start on other areas, and that really didn’t happen.  And yesterday, Saturday, the day I think I’ll be able to get the most work done during most weeks, I got absolutely nothing done.

I did work today, and I hate to work on Sundays, so we kept it to a minimum.

One hour in the toy room.  We went through the dress up bucket and took out things that were not dress up.  We sorted Barbies and baby dolls, Ponies and Pet Shop.  We dumped the train bucket and the car bucket and took out all broken pieces and parts.  We gathered Playmobile.  We will have to do several more one hour sessions to finish sorting and organizing.

I did most of the laundry room.  One more cabinet to sort.  I found a grout cleaner and tested it on one section of the tile floor with much success.  That’s like finding a $10 bill in your jacket!

The office.  Have.not.touched.the.craft.closet.  It must be done by Friday, as must be the rest of the office.  There’s a tangle of wires and cords in some drawers that I have been avoiding as well.

Packers come in 3 weeks 2 days.

One thought on “Packing Up Part II

  1. Power through! Prayers for sanity and perseverance.

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