To Nag or Not to Nag

I am very familiar with how unmotivated one can be early in the morning to get up and go for a run.  First comes coffee.  Then email.  Then…anything…is the baby up yet?

Yesterday, in the optimistic evening, when everyone was feeling great, my two oldest sons agreed that beginning a running program was a good idea.  They are considering the cross country team, maybe.  They both claim an interest in future military service.  They need PE hours.  Yes, Mom, they said, get us up to run.

Hal Higdon, 5k Novice, Week 1, Day 1: 1.5 miles.

12 hours later, same boys are moaning and looking at me like I’m a witch.  “My neck hurts,” says one.  The other is only capable of opening one eye.  They shuffle out of bed and divvy up the comics.  I give them a few minutes, but then I remind them about how hot it gets quickly.  Besides, I’m ready to go, the sun is well past the horizon, and I don’t have time to waste waiting for them to warm up to the idea.

Just do it, right?

More moaning and excuses.  I’m in no mood.

“I am not going to spend my summer nagging you for no good reason.  Yesterday you said you wanted to run.  Today you’re making excuses.  I’ll happily nag you if you need motivation, but not if you’re going to be mad at me.  I’m done.  I’m going for a run.  Come along or not.”

They came.

1.5 miles.

I was in the lead, briefly.  At the halfway point, I had been in the middle, but I got cut off, and ended up in 3rd place, where I remained.  I watched my boys quicken their paces in the last 100 yards and finish side by side.  Competitive, just like their parents.

My 1 mile pace of 9:34 wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever run, but it was faster than most mornings recently.  I’ll have to run with them every day.

2 thoughts on “To Nag or Not to Nag

  1. I intensely dislike nagging. I often wonder if my mother nagged, because I don’t remember that she did. But, I bet she did. Which makes me think I should, because they won’t remember anyway. I usually end up taking the martyr’s role, which is probably a lot worse than nagging. 😉

    • How do you raise teen boys without nagging? Or maybe it’s just my boys’ personalities…but I’ve NOT nagged and then been told that I didn’t give them a chance to do xyz that they really intended to do because I was “making” them to abc and def instead. So now I ask them what they WANT and then remind them that I am affording them the opportunity to achieve their own stated goals.

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