George: 14 months plus

Just a bunch of pictures of my little guy who is growing up way too fast.






Getting caught…





The poor dog…






Poor us…he’s standing on things on which he shouldn’t be standing…





…like things that roll…







Loving life.




Listening to an iPod.


Where does the time go?

10 thoughts on “George: 14 months plus

  1. He is such a handsome little boy!

  2. That poor baby that was never going to thrive properly….! So cute! I laughed out loud at the girls’ expressions when he was trying to stand on the ottoman. Hilarious!

  3. He is adorable! What a great collection of pictures.

  4. What a cutie!! I love the goofy “smile” one, the second one, and the outdoor series at the end.

  5. George sure is a cutie! Is RSS the only way to get your most recent posts? I’m not sure how to find your “home” button. Thanks for the help.

  6. Dyan, I see a little black box on the bottom right of my screen that says “Follow” and when I click on it, it gives the option to have new posts sent to my email address. I just recently signed up for this service for another blog – she had that option on her comment form, so I will try to figure out how to do that here too. But I really like having a new post emailed to me…I feel like I’m not missing out. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. George looks so good! He seems to be thriving.

    The costumes are great! My kids had such fun putting together their costumes too.

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