Hopefully the next movers will “lose” it

Bill was participating in a multi-country exercise while in Germany.  Some of the countries brought token gifts, and he received more than a few things to take up space on our shelves.  My “favorite” is this 10″ tall “bonzai” tree.  The “leaves” are various stones, quarried in that country.  I can’t remember which one – Tajikistan, perhaps?  Bill said he saw trees like this in stores all over the country.  When he described it over the phone, it sounded pretty.Image

3 thoughts on “Hopefully the next movers will “lose” it

  1. That looks like it will be fun to dust…..!

  2. LOL! You might “help” the movers “lose” it.

  3. Yep, pretty sure you are right about Tajikistan. Those are common tourist kitch there.

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