Moving In

Moving to a new blog is like moving to a new house.  All my stuff (my archives) seems to have made it here.  Now I just need to unroll the rugs, hang curtains and decorate the walls.  

I am upset that I can’t post things on blogger, especially that I can’t announce the move.  I met a woman at the IHM Conference (Tampa) yesterday (hi, Beth!) who reads my blog.  We’re not FB friends, and I don’t have her email address, so if she hadn’t introduced herself, she never would have learned about the address change.  Perhaps some of you bloggers would kindly mention me on your blogs.  I’m sure most people who read me also read some of you.

I’m trying not to be overwhelmingly disappointed.  I took George to the IHM Conference yesterday, but I had a babysitter arranged for today so I could actually sit down and listen to the speakers.  She canceled.  This morning.  Sick with a fever.  I looked at the schedule and decided to go for the 2 middle talks, instead of all 4.  With George.

Despite that change of plans, I know it will be a great day.  Husband is on a plane bound for the US right now.  We haven’t seen him in 2 1/2 weeks.  Poor guy has been “stuck” in Bavaria, eating local food, drinking local beer.  He’s bringing me Bavarian mustard, so brats will be on the menu next week.  Yum.

8 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Yikes. Sorry about the blog, and the sitter, and the husband eating German food without you. But welcome to your new home!

  2. Have you been able to add a comment to your last post? That is something anyway. You could leave a link to your new blog there.

  3. Found you and now I have your new site registered. Blogger is a big poop…they reel you in for free but then when you have a problem you are just stuck.

  4. Hi! Beth here and I’m glad I introduced myself and found out about your new blog. I’m actually on my way over to my blog to dust it off and make a post about the conference and meeting you.

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