Not the Cake Boss

Back in May, the Cub Scouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet.  This is the only pack to which we’ve belonged that did it so late, but whatever.  It worked.

There was a cake auction.  I have never seen that done before either, but whatever.  I am not talented in the cake decorating department.  Not at all.  I keep trying, and my creations taste yummy…and my family appreciates my efforts…but, I will not be winning prizes any time soon.

So, what to do about a cake for the auction?  I finally came up with a camping scene, and 6 cake ball Cub Scouts sitting around a cake ball campfire roasting marshmallows.

And I took pictures, because I have to remember this.  It will definitely make me laugh in years to come.  And perhaps someone, like me, is googling “Cub Scout cake decorating ideas” and they will see this and be inspired to make something slightly more sophisticated.  If you do, please send me pics.  I’m not the envious type.

My kids called this the Chinese albino Scout.

My girls took toothpicks and real marshmallows and made the roasting sticks.  It would have been better with mini marshmallows, but I had reached the stage in a project where going to the store for one.more.thing. just was not an option, so they broke a big marshmallow into small pieces.

These are all Wolf Scouts, obviously, since that yellow frosting is supposed to be their neckerchief.

Room for improvement, but the kids liked it.

6 thoughts on “Not the Cake Boss

  1. I love it!! So cute! And way better than anything that I could have come up with!

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute cake!
    But my little Cub Scouts said, “Only thing is, we aren't allowed to roast marshmallows at Scout Camp!”

  3. Totally cute! I would never come up with something like that!

  4. Four Little Penguins: really?! my boys have roasted marshmallows…

  5. Maybe it's just a Texas rule? But they tell the boys “Anything that goes into the fire STAYS in the fire” to keep them from playing in the fire. And they seem to think that a 7-10 year old boy can't tell the difference between playing with a flaming stick and cooking something to eat… But we have been a part of two different packs and they both said Absolutely NO roasting marshmallows at Scout events.
    My boys thought it was hilarious that a mom would make a cake that broke the rules. 😉

  6. We roast marshmallows in VA too. That cake is cute and very creative. The boys are lucky you made it for them. It makes me grateful that our old pack just had the boys decorate their den cakes at the B&G dinner. It was an entertaining contest, where the weblos usually won.

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