Mary Quotes

The other day, Mary came up to me and announced:

“Mom, I have a drinking problem.”

Her throat was feeling a bit sore.


Last night, Mary said:

“I like Christmas better than Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is for normal people.  Christmas is for Catholics, and we’re Catholic, so I like Christmas.”

Moses said choose life or death.  Apparently, Christ said choose me or normalcy.

BTW, I do not correct my children when they say things like this.  It’s much more amusing to just smile and nod and let them talk.


Saw an article via FB that said poll results indicate that moms think 3 kids are the hardest number to manage.  As my husband says, switching to zone defense from one-on-one coverage is difficult.  But the article covered families of 1-4 children.  In my personal experience, SIX was a killer. 

Yes, Mary is my #6.

The root cause of my drinking problem.

9 thoughts on “Mary Quotes

  1. I agree with the article: Once you clear three, there's no point in stopping. You've already done the hard part!

  2. She is hysterical!

    Getting past three was key for me, but our number 7 has really been the toughest challenge!

  3. Personality matters. My #7 is fairly laid back – so far. He's starting to express his opinion, though, in a loud screechy manner. But at least he SLEEPS. Mary was up at 4 am, raring to go, from infancy until she was 3.

  4. Jennie, my husband Grandma (mom of 6) used to say, “Why waste all that experience?”

  5. I agree…personality matters. But overall…moving from 1-2 was the hardest for me. I hear a lot about moving from one-on-one to zone. My husband agrees with that one. But the way I saw it was I went from 1:1 to Zone during the day when my 2nd was born. So much nicer to have a sibling to play with when Mom is nursing the baby 🙂

  6. 3 was a killer here, too. Hence the “gap” between #3 and #4. We stopped at 5, but he's a doozy as well….!

  7. Bwhahahahahahhaaha. I love Mary!

  8. My #6 is my toughest because she is destructo-girl. She cuts the hair off her sister's American Girl dolls, the plush off of stuffed animals, the expiration dates off my coupons, and has an internal candy detector when an older sibling uses his-her pocket money to buy a bag of treats. She also screeches at the top of her lungs when she doesn't get her way. 4 year olds might be delightful in general, but she is driving me mad!

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