Photo update

So I’m slowly making some aesthetic changes to my blog…right now I’m not really digging the pink which is coming up orange-y on my screen…and I need something better for the header…some other day.


I did think it was really important to change George’s photo on the sidebar from this:

to this:

Big difference.  He’s now 17 lbs 7 oz, which they say is still under 10%, but that’s normal for my kids.

Also, big thing I realized.  Remember when I moaned about not being allowed to upload photos, having reached my maximum permitted amount?  A bunch of you said you had the same problem.  I really can’t find my post about it.  Blogger wanted to charge a fee to continue to upload pictures the easy way, or I would have to upload them from another service.  I went with the other service.  Some of you may have paid that fee.

Well, I tried uploading photos the old way with my last post and it worked.  These pictures, too!  So, if you’ve been going through the pain of uploading to one site and linking to them, try it the old way.

I can’t say that the issue was the sole reason I have reduced my blogging…but it sure didn’t help.

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