Annual Letter from St. Nicholas

My Dearest Fritz, Billy, Katie, Jenny, Peter, Mary and George,

It is a new year and so much in your lives is also new. Your family has been blessed with a new baby and I am so happy for you all. You also have a new home. 
New things are wonderful because they help us grow. We learn new things and meet new people and we grow and change with these new experiences. 
But new things also give us a chance to reflect on those things that never change. Like how much your family loves one another. It also does not change how much our Savior, Jesus Christ loves you. 
With this new year and amidst all the new things going on around you, take time this Advent to reflect upon Jesus and how He waits for you, preparing a special place with Him if only you will love him as he loves you and do what it takes to be with Him.     
I saw that you are unwrapping books each day. What a wonderful idea. I have brought you three more books; reminders of the Trinity and the Wise Men who brought the first Christmas gifts. I hope you enjoy them. You may open one now, but save the others for the days that they are marked. That will take you up to Christmas.  Enjoy these as simple reminders of the gifts our Lord gives us every day. 
May the Lord bless you all the days of your lives, and may you grow in love and kindness. 


St. Nicholas

One thought on “Annual Letter from St. Nicholas

  1. Love this idea of a letter from St. Nick! We always just did shoes with a few treats, but the note adds a nice level of extra meaning.

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