Conditional Love

“Here, Mommy,” says Katie, handing me my little bundle of joy.  “He’s spit up – twice – and now he has the hiccups.”

“Is he cranky?” I ask.  I was hoping to get some work done on the computer.

“No, but nobody wants to hold him any more.”

What?  Little George is finally persona non grata?

That’s ok, darling.  Mommy still loves you.

3 thoughts on “Conditional Love

  1. The bloom has fallen off the rose, I guess.

    I wish I was close enough to hold him.

  2. Note to GT. God loves – Mommy loves. With Everybody else you have to work on it. When you are old enough you will learn it is a good idea to tell the two of them that you love them also. Its just plain a good idea.

    Grandpa R.

  3. When Mary is a teenager, you will be too tired to care…..! We're two weeks into school around here. So far, not too bad. My oldest was the same as Peter. A combo of being afraid of something new, and worrying about failing, I think. He was almost 9 before he learned to ride a two-wheeler, and only because his younger brother was Speed Racer on his own bike. Same with the swimming – behind the younger brother, too. Maybe when George learns to swim….?!!

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