My own personal Groundhog Day

I woke up this morning still pregnant.


I don’t intend on answering the phone today.  Yesterday (and the day before and the day before that) were frustrating enough.

Full moon last night.  Didn’t help.  Neither did climbing up and down a step ladder in the sun room (aka: the sauna) to clean two filthy ceiling fans and three walls of windows.  And then climbing the same ladder in the uninsulated, west-facing garage to wash off three shelves out there.  And then reaching into three lower kitchen cabinets to wash them out while the oven was spewing the intense heat from the self-clean cycle.

But at least I discovered three cast iron skillets that the packers overlooked and a missing strainer.

I’m heading into town to the fabric store for one yard I need to do the binding on Jenny’s quilt.  Not that I’m ready to do the binding on Jenny’s quilt.  I am about half done with the quilting of Katie’s quilt, and when I was up at 4 am this morning (love insomnia), I calculated that I had enough material to do her binding and Mary’s binding, but not to do Jenny’s, unless I did hers differently.  And I don’t want to do hers differently.  So one yard it is, with a 20% off military discount because of the holiday.

But I’m not really interested in sewing.  Or reading.  Or cleaning.  Or blogging.  Or watching movies.  Or walking.

I just want to have this baby.  Who is, I’m convinced, sunny-side up, unfortunately.  Oh well.  As Bill pointed out, I have back labor, even when they are face-down.

Have a great Groundhog Day…I mean, Independence Day.

14 thoughts on “My own personal Groundhog Day

  1. Praying for that baby to come soon and/or for you to get a good night's sleep. I was almost two weeks overdue with my 1st (scheduled to be induced on Monday and she came over the weekend) and a week late with my 2nd. My 1st I was active duty Army and in a position where I saw a lot of retirees/service members families. I worked until within 12 hours of her birth. I had to hide out away from the front desk the last week or so because I broke down once after about 50 people asked me so when is the baby due and/or is it twins or the really mean active duty members reminding how I would need to get the weight off within 6months. She was over 10lbs at birth and I was HUGE. Even decades later I totally remember those last days.

  2. Oh dear Michelle, I am certainly praying for you. ALL of my babies are always way over, my last (#6) being 13 days before my midwives induced. If you think baby is sunny side up, have you ever heard of the Webster technique? I have a really great chiro up here in Canada and she specialized in pregnancy and infants. Just a thought. Blessings!

  3. I'd love it for you to have this little one soon! We just hit hancocks but only for thread to hem pants and some zippers for a bag that doesn't show signs of getting made anytime soon 🙂 We were slightly crazy- went to a state park area just outside of town that has a “mountain” and hiked around rocks and past rhododendron, saw a great view at an overlook. We were getting hot by the end and glad for air conditioning. High is thankfully just 97 in NC…hoping no storms interrupt fireworks plans. The four year old dd is sooo excited about fireworks. Hope you have a peaceful afternoon… and maybe a baby!

  4. Praying for a happy, easy, trouble-free, and IMMINENT birth!

  5. Michelle, I was thinking about you today!
    Gods timing is perfect… just give thanks for the gift and privilege of bringing forth a new life into the world…savor the beauty of your pregnant body, rest and eat!
    Mary, be a mother to Michelle now.
    St. Anne, pray for us!
    Precious Blood of Jesus, cover and protect Michelle and her child!

  6. Michelle, are you anywhere near a mall?
    My 4th of July due date baby (who came a week late) had me ready to go power walk at an air conditioned mall, when the heat finally broke on the 11th & I got to a park with a track. Labor started a few hours after I got home. 🙂

  7. Hoping for a quick flip to “easy over.” Those facing up babies can take a long time coming! Come on baby!

  8. have you checked out spinning babies? lots of stuff to try to rotate that little one right side up!

  9. ugh, last one was me. darn google signing out!

  10. You know that babies just love to make pregnancy miserable so that we enjoy being with them SO much more…no, wait. We enjoy them anyway!! 🙂

    Praying that you do enough cat/ cow moves and lying upside down on your ironing board (did that get packed??) to get that little one in the optimal position for a BIRTHday.

    Just think of all the cleaning you are getting done! (Nevermind, I know that doesn't help!!)

  11. i'm thinking that all that you are getting done is convincing your brain that you aren't ready to have the baby until everything is cleaned. Tell yourself that you are done, sit down, and outsource from the comfy command chair you have.

  12. i totally agree with rachel too – the mental blocks to labor can't be overlooked! also, not saying this is your last baby, but my friend's midwife just told her that last babies tend to be late/the latest b/c mama isn't willing to quite let them go.

    so maybe have a chat with this one's guardian angel :-p

  13. I agree about mental blocks, which is why I have not allowed myself to make any lists. I'm really finding things to keep me busy so I can not think about how labor has not started. Today I am 10 days late. My first was 10 days late, my second was ELEVEN days late, my third was induced ten days late…after that I started lying about the first day of my last period, and my kids were “on time”. My body went through some changes, so I decided to not push the date of my period to later…and so now I'm “late” which is really on time for me. I'm just mad at myself for not taking a very late baby into consideration when planning for the delivery of my stuff in Tampa. If I didn't have this blasted move right now, I would be totally fine about this baby taking so long!

  14. I JUST found your blog via Faith and Family – if you want to keep busy and eat a yummy dinner, you could try this:

    It actually worked for me; had it that night for dinner and delivered a 9 pounder that night! The midwife thinks that the oregano has something to do with inducing labor…Good luck (and if it doesn't work, at least it tastes better than castor oil!)

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