No, as a matter of fact, I did NOT get a good night’s sleep

Today is Peter’s 7th birthday.  He’s the only one up and is already happily putting together his LEGO dump truck, which I bought back in December with some BOGO pre-Christmas sale.


Midwife said 1-2 cm and thin.  Not at all worth the indignity to obtain that info.  I told my sister I was going to start doing squats, and she told me to wait until after Peter’s birthday.  I’m definitely not walking.  There’s a heat index warning from 11 am until 9 pm.  Our town is doing their fireworks tonight, and I’m trying hard to generate enough enthusiasm to go, despite the heat, the crowds, the walking, etc. 

There’s a board at the midwives that lists “ladies-in-waiting” and their due dates – it goes out about 2 or 3 weeks.  The oldest date posted is poor “Amy” who was due June 21st.  I’m next, with some gaps showing that others have already delivered their bundles of joy.  Once you have your baby, your name gets moved to the other side of the board and they add a pink or blue circle with the baby’s name and weight.  I hope Amy goes soon.  I can wait until tomorrow.


While I was at the midwife, the owner of the house came through with a realtor to discuss what needed to be done to put the house on the market.  He, the owner, has been saying for months that he planned to have a painter come in and do everything (all the walls are the same beige and all the trim is high-gloss white).  Despite this, Bill had spent the previous week spackling the holes where we hung our pictures (or furniture had caused a dent) and touching up those spots with that flat beige color.  The walls look great.  He hadn’t had a chance to do any touch ups on the trim, but I insisted on two things: first, this is not our walk-through…we’re still here for 2 more weeks, and secondly, the guy said he planned to paint, so he should expect normal wear and tear of 30 months of occupancy.

{insert eye roll here}

According to Bill, the guy touched and commented on every single spot in the woodwork that needed to be painted as if it was proof positive that renting to people who actually spend time in the house was a huge mistake.

Meanwhile, there are still a few things I have not yet deep-cleaned.  One most glaring place is the door frame between the kitchen and dining room.  The trim in the rooms is fine, but the door frame itself is really really gunky.  Disgusting.  That was completely unnoticed.

The owner also seemed upset about a few things I had told him about.  The ceiling in the sunroom is bowing.  It leaks when it rains heavily, too.  Sometimes quite badly.  I’m happy there were only toys out there – no furniture or electronics.  I told him several times, and he sent his buddy out to look.  Since it only leaked with heavy rains, it was not considered a big deal, I guess.  I mean, I only had to move toys and mop the floor a dozen times or so.  But that bowing ceiling: not my problem.

Oh, and the front door he painted black that faces west and gets full sun all afternoon long?  Yeah, I told him the paint was peeling on that, too.  He really should have installed a powder-coat paint finish door from the get-go because you can’t expect any painted surface to survive long in direct sun 24/7/365.

{sigh}  Just hoping we get our deposit back in full.


Speaking of deposits, the water company, despite me sending them proof that I had paid a $95 deposit, told me to pound sand, which is mil-speak for “take a long walk off a short dock.”  I may not get that money back, but EVERYBODY will know about it.  If I do get to the town’s Independence Day celebration tonight, I feel bad for anybody who crosses my path wearing a name tag indicating they are in any way connected with the town government.  If you see a very grumpy, very pregnant woman heading in your direction: RUN!


And last bit of complaining, I am so thankful that my replacement box spring is slated to be delivered next week, but the timing could not be worse for it to break.  My lower back and hips ache so badly from fighting the black hole in the center of the bed that keeps trying to suck my husband and I in.  I spent the night perched on the edge where it was firmest, no easy trick for a woman approaching 41 weeks of pregnancy.  I think I’ll have Bill put the set on the floor to see if that works better.  Sad to say, but I think an air mattress might be more comfortable at this point.


Yesterday somebody asked me if this was my last baby.  She said it with that hopeful, encouraging tone that made me feel the only acceptable answer was, “Oh, yes, I am SO done!!!”  Instead, I pointed out that I’m 41, and that time was running out on my biological clock.  I’m not one to be offended by silly remarks made by people who don’t understand large families, but I find the expectation that I should want to be done very amusing.  First of all, the number of children I raise has zero bearing on this person’s life (why does she care if I’m done or not?), and secondly, I wonder if there is some deficiency in my current children which would make someone encourage me to stop.  I mean, if my children were ugly…or violent…or spoiled, I could see someone begging, on behalf of society, for mercy.  Not that I agree, mind you.

But when you and your husband seem to be producing a bunch of good-looking, decent human beings who give all indications that they will become productive, good citizens…you would think that society would be cheering: MORE! MORE!

12 thoughts on “No, as a matter of fact, I did NOT get a good night’s sleep

  1. My husband had a woman ask him “When are you going to stop?”
    and notice it is usually women who ask these stupid questions.

    YOU are so blessed to soon be holding this newborn.
    YOU treasure each of God's blessings that you and your husband have been gifted with.

    Large families rock.

  2. A huge storm blew through Ohio yesterday and knocked the power out to (what I heard) 40% of Ohio. So if it was cool in your bedroom last night, be thankful. 😉 I woke up to every dog-barking, neighbor talking loudly in the street (at 3:41 am!), and siren blaring (about every 30 minutes — so the firemen got NO sleep). I need a nap!

  3. “But when you and your husband seem to be producing a bunch of good-looking, decent human beings who give all indications that they will become productive, good citizens…you would think that society would be cheering: MORE! MORE!” That is basically my husband's response to people who are shocked that we have 5 children. He also says something like,”When are you going to make comments like that to the people who “only” have one or two kids and they are maniacs?” People don't usually make comments like that to us anymore. Enjoy your new baby (soon).

  4. People can say the rudest things! The sad part is that they usually don't even recognize when they are being rude! And intrusive. Sorry about the landlord – I was indignant on your behalf when I thought about all the trouble you have been going through to deep clean the house for him. Many, many tenants would not. Hope there is baby news soon!

  5. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

    I get asked, “Are you done?” question all the time. I point out I'm 44, so I guess I could be, and make my tone and expression one of remorse. That shuts them up 😉

    Praying for a quick and relatively easy delivery for you, soon, but not today 😉

  6. The Majic Eraser works great for white trim and wall smudges!!

    I am expecting #5 in a couple of weeks and get a kick out of peoples rude comments. The latest was from the lady at Sonics drive thru “you stomach is HUGE” she kept saying it over and over again.

  7. Your kids are fantastic and more like them will only make this world a better place to live! Yeah, I'm dreading those sorts of comments…I'm still not quite used to being oogled over everytime we go out in public and folks get that deer in the headlights look when they seem my 5 kids.

  8. Scomom, I lost power for 25 hours and had to spend all day Saturday with my in-laws because that was better than a day without air conditioning, and I still think Michelle is allowed to complain about the heat. 🙂

    An Ohioan

  9. Addedum to my last post: She can also complain about her mattress.

  10. I chuckle at the fireworks situation, because when I was expecting my 5th, I went to a fireworks show..and it started pouring..I RAN to shelter until husband got the car…well, the next day, my mucus plug came out…and I went into labor early July 4th (the following day)…so I had him, 11:30 on the 4th of July..he was a week or so early…

  11. I think my SIL lost her power as well in OH. Not sure if she has it back yet. I also know people in Colorado Springs who had to evacuate their homes and may lose everything. Of course, there are soldiers in Afghanistan using their rucks as pillows and sleeping in tents far from home, with no A/C. And THEN there are all the starving people in Third World countries with hovels for shelter and open sewer ditches for bathrooms and contaminated water for drinking.

    But my hips still ache. 🙂 And it is still hot here. I think Barbara knows I know I'm blessed, even if I am grumpy.

  12. Poor Amy indeed 🙂

    Prayers and hugs.

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