No news is no news

No, I’ve not had the baby.  No, I’m not in labor.

I realize that silence on this end, normally not noticed or not considered a big deal, is, now that I’m a watched pot that’s been on the stove top for a long time, a possible indication that I’m laboring.  Nope.  Just cleaning the house gradually – not exactly an exciting thing to blog about – and, up until yesterday, obsessing over my lack of a washing machine. 

{The laundromat has enormous washers that fit 2 big loads in one.  They cost SIX BUCKS.  But they take less than 40 minutes.  And if you forget your detergent (forgive me, it’s been over 14 years since I’ve used a laundromat, so I don’t have a routine down), a single package costs 75 cents.  Ouch.}

I know that every baby, every labor and delivery, is different.  But I have never ever ever gone early – not even when I fibbed about my cycle and used a date a week or more later than it actually was. 

At a store recently, a young clerk, a little bitty thing, said that the best way to bring on labor was to walk.  She walked a whole mile and that got things going.

Sheesh.  If that’s all it took…

I have tried just about everything.  Walking (miles and miles and miles), spicy food, a whole bag of peanut butter cup candies, castor oil, sex.  Some of these are obviously more enjoyable than others, so I tried them more often.  If one takes castor oil once, and has no result, there’s little motivation to try try again.

Babies come when babies come.

Again, each pregnancy is different, but six babies all coming late lends statistical credence to the notion that this one, too, will not be here before the due date, which is Monday the 25th.  In fact, based on previous experience, my guess is not before July 1st or 2nd. 

My goal is to have the deep cleaning of the house done by the end of Saturday.  I could push and get it done today – there’s not that much left – but I’ve been taking my time and putting my feet up in between.  No point in killing myself, right?  After that, my calendar is clear.  I’ll start walking and eating peanut butter cups and Mexican food.  Or not.  It won’t make a difference.

Change of Command is in TWO DAYS.  Incoming commander got into town this last weekend, so we’re good to go.  It seemed like this week would never come, but like a watched pot, despite dire predictions, does too eventually boil.

6 thoughts on “No news is no news

  1. I'm glad to hear your feet are up, at least SOME of the time. Please do take it easy! Praying for you & Tiebreaker.

  2. I commend you! I cannot imagine moving at the very end of my pregnancy. I am 37 weeks with #5 and can barly walk!!
    I agree that babies come when babies come. I always go at least a week over.
    Blessings to you!
    Oh and I know that it is expensive but I am temppted to go to the laundry mat when I get behind on laundry.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. We moved the day before our 3rd was born. Doc tried a week before that to strip my membranes (Ack! He never asked and I was hoping to get through the move).

    Baby #8 was born just a few months after we moved and that was much harder. (My age maybe – haha!)

    Glad you are holding up and being realistic and matter-of-fact. Yep – I tried those things too….baby comes when baby comes.

    Here's to enjoying some moments of peace whenever you have the opportunity

  5. Yeah, I was wondering how you were doing. But I thought of you because of your next move…as we got our “pick your next spot” e-mail tonight and it rocked my comfy little world when I learned out top three choices aren't even on the list. Instead we've got choice options like FL and GA among others. I've been pretty dead set against FL, but then I thought…well Michelle will be there, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Then I had to check in on you and see how the move was going. I've always turned to walking too, but I've got to power walk MILES in the heat and then maybe get something, but never full on labor. They come when they come. Still, I hope this one doesn't keep you waiting too long. Will be praying for you!

  6. I've been wondering how things are going! Glad you got a washer. I can't imagine the pile!! I've never even gone into labor with any of mine, so at least you've got that going for you! Can't wait for some baby news.

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