Point Taken

My husband and I have been discussing where to live when we move to Tampa.  I want a short commute, so he could be home for dinner.  He wants us tucked safely in suburbia, at least 40 minutes away.

So, I sit down to my computer just now to find this article open and waiting for me to read:

He even has Google Maps open so I can see exactly where this was.  Yes, there’s a house for rent that I was looking at right in that area.  

4 thoughts on “Point Taken

  1. Nothing like making a graphic point. So like an army officer, with visual effects. Sigh.

  2. Eek. Didn't know it was so dangerous down there. When we PCSd here, being told the town's two nicknames are “Fatal-ville” and “Fayettenam” was not encouraging. It's been fine (great, actually) but there are certainly areas one doesn't wander through at night.

  3. We are not a military family, but we are a Catholic family with 4 children. We live in New Tampa. If you need any help knowing about different areas in Tampa, I would be happy to help!

  4. Nora any help you can offer would be great…can you email me?

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