Turning Boys into Men

 Why we consider Boy Scouting to be a priority:

The Baylor study found that Eagle Scouts – compared to Scouts who never attained the rank of Eagle Scout and men who were never Scouts – were significantly more likely to: 

• Exhibit higher levels of participation in a variety of health and recreational activities,
• Show a greater connection to siblings, neighbors, religious community, friends, coworkers, formal and informal groups and a spiritual presence in nature,
• Share a greater belief in duty to God, service to others, service to the community and leadership,
• Engage in behaviors that are designed to enhance and protect the environment,
• Be committed to setting and achieving personal, professional, spiritual and financial goals,
• Show higher levels of planning and preparedness, and
• Indicate that they have built character traits related to work ethics, morality, tolerance and respect for diversity.

3 thoughts on “Turning Boys into Men

  1. We are planning our third Eagle Ceremony as our youngest son achieved the rank of Eagle this spring. In addition to my three sons, my husband is also an Eagle Scout. I pray that the Boy Scouts will continue to stand firm against the cultural tides and continue to help shape boys into young men of strong moral character.

  2. Amen! Scouting has been nothing but good for my boys (and my husband!)

  3. Rhetorical question: When will the Girl Scouts wake up & smell the coffee?

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