Natural Consequences

We’re taking a spring break this week, but…

…yesterday, Billy and I finished editing his paper on Ancient Egypt that was supposed to be done weeks ago.  I am so glad that is finally done.  So is he!

…I told Fritz he had to spend a few minutes every day working on the second of three Shakespearean sonnets he needs to memorize.  He should be working on the third by now, but that first one was tough, and I wasn’t persistent, so it didn’t get memorized as quickly as it could have been/should have been.

…Katie.  Oh, my.  I told her last week and the week before that refusing to read her history book was going to make her a very sad little girl this week.  And she is.  She had to spend a whole hour yesterday morning locked in my bedroom reading.  A whole hour of her Easter Monday.  And now, on Easter Tuesday, she is once again banished for a whole hour to the solitude of my room to spend some time with Robert E. Lee.  It is quite possible that tomorrow, she will need to spend a little bit more time in there to finish up.  On her way up, the tears started flowing and she cried, “How come nobody else has to do school work?”  It is because I am a tyrant, and a cruel woman, who maliciously singles out students who, oddly enough, did not do their work when they were told to do it.

3 thoughts on “Natural Consequences

  1. I think your Katie and my ten year old daughter are cut from the same cloth.

  2. You think your teacher is bad over there? You should see the harpy that lives at my house. Two weeks ago, a certain boy had to do work on SATURDAY (gasp!) because he was told over and over by said mean harpy teacher that his list had to be completed by the end of the week and it was not. These women should be strung from the rafters before their poor, poor children are scarred for life.

  3. I let this year slide with a move, baby, health issues (nothing serious – just many requiring lots of time way from home) and now my kids are wishing I MADE them keep up so we'd be done “on time”….can't win *smile* maybe next year if these things continue and I don't make the,,,they will make themselves. nahhh, ain't likely to happen.

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