Promises, promises

Bill was to work a half day today.  We have a joke about half days.  How may hours are in a day?  How many hours are in a half day?  If you only worked 8 hours, you didn’t even do a half day, right?

“I’ll be home for dinner,” he promised Billy.

I sighed.  Audibly.

I think I even rolled my eyes.  How does the song go?

You make me…promises, promises…

“Mom!” said Billy.  “Make dinner at 4!”  A great idea.  But it won’t work.

I left about 5:15 pm to go get the pizzas…with coupons I got two large take and bakes for $7.21.  Not bad.  Bill always calls when he’s on the way home, but he hadn’t called yet.

Knew you’d never keep…promises, promises…

By the time I got back, he had called.   He won’t be here when the pizza is done, but it’s better than most nights.  And nobody will burn the roof of their mouth.

3 thoughts on “Promises, promises

  1. Our joke is that an 8 hour day IS a half day at the army

  2. Totally dislike half days.

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