An unbiased observation of Fatherhood

In discussing Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis with Fritz, we talked about how a “being” could not possibly observe any sort of law of human behavior merely by watching humans.  So, whereas, one might observe squirrels and say, “All squirrels gather nuts,” one could not say “All men are kind” or “All men kill” or “All men would try to save someone who was drowning” or “All men eat meat.”

The other kids tried to come up with some.  Katie suggested “All men drink water” but many people drink lemonade or soda instead, so that wouldn’t strictly be true.  I also discounted things like “All men breathe” since we’re not discussing life functions but rather life choices.  Squirrels, I suppose, might choose to not gather nuts…but they don’t.  Humans, though, routinely choose things that are not in their best interest, for good or ill.  Humans might not gather nuts or do any other activity which would prepare them for the needs of tomorrow or next month or next year.  But then other humans do, some to excess.

Great discussion.

Mary’s contribution, though:

“All dads drink beer.” 

Such is the view from her eyes.

6 thoughts on “An unbiased observation of Fatherhood

  1. Hah! Out of the mouthes of babes….!

  2. Actually…

    Around here it's the mommy that drinks beer.

    Except during Lent, of course.


  3. Mine would add, “and all grownups drink coffee” I am sure 🙂
    So cute!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh how I hated logic!

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