Easy Dream Interpretation

I managed to take a brief nap yesterday at lunch time.  It’s amazing what 30 minutes can do to get you through the afternoon.

I had a dream about cookies.  I was piling them on a serving tray, perhaps for a party.  There were all kinds of cookies: some covered with powdered sugar, some gooey ones, all very interesting and different looking.  I love cookies and was salivating over the prospects of sampling the lot.

I awoke with one thought: My goodness, this is going to be a long Lent.

8 thoughts on “Easy Dream Interpretation

  1. I was done with Lent on Ash Wednesday. I think that it means it is working.

  2. My husband pointed out that we've made it through a week yesterday. It feels so much longer. Does it really mean it's working? I do hope so.

  3. I didn't give up cookies, so no worries here. 🙂

  4. lol! I can so relate.

  5. Hear hear! Nothing like a little dose of Lent to point all your attachments! :s

  6. Never give up any food during Lent while you're pregnant.

  7. Oh my, odd coincidence, I made 350 cookies for Bill's promotion this week. Every.single.kid. said, “I wish we hadn't given up sweets for Lent.” I guess we picked a good penance. Has it really only been a week?

  8. It's amazing how you can taste the forbidden fruit in your imaginings, isn't it?

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