Lessons in Pop Culture

Fritz has a backpack for hiking that is 1″ too big in the waist.  He’s got 5 months until Philmont to grow into it.  At dinner the other evening, Bill mentioned his father’s idea of feeding Twinkies to Fritz to put some weight on his skinny body. 

“What’s a Twinkie?” asked Katie.  Most of the kids had blank looks as well.  Bill cast accusing eyes on me, as though I had deprived my children of some vital life experience.  What can I say?  Twinkies seem to be lunch box food.  We don’t do lunch boxes.

When polled, NONE of my children could identify a Twinkie, not even my older boys.  So, we headed to the grocery store just to buy a package to have for dessert.  A box of 10 was over $3 – one other reason I rarely buy stuff like this.

Now they all know what a Twinkie is.  And three of the kids don’t like them. 

11 thoughts on “Lessons in Pop Culture

  1. I'm not sure that my kids know what a twinkie is either. When my oldest went to pre-K, the teachers were shocked that my 4 year old didn't know what a doughnut was. She was scared to try it when it was snack time and they had to convince her that it was a yummy treat. It honestly never occurred to me to buy her a doughnut.

  2. And on a side note…. The Twinkie company is filing bankruptcy.

  3. My kids were asking the same question..What's a Twinkie?… when the news story of the bankruptcy came up. I actually had this urge to go stock up on Twinkies!! I haven't had one in probably 30 years!!! My favorites were Ding Dongs…that chocolate thing, you know.
    Just ONE couldn't hurt, right, Do they sell them one at a time anymore? (or was it a two pack?)

  4. My in-laws were likewise horrified when they found out my kids had never had a pop tart. They sent us two cases -not two boxes, cases – of pop tarts for Christmas one year.

  5. My kids had a twinkie last year that was at a snack station at the end of a charity 5k race. None of them liked it either. My in-laws bought them Poptarts last year when they found out they had never tried them and were offended when the kids said, “Yuck, it tastes like cardboard.” I never buy stuff like that because they taste terrible and you have the pleasure of paying alot for the experience.

  6. Perhaps you could have deep-fried the Twinkie. Maybe it will taste better. Plus you can stock up on them because they last forever and will get you through the zombie apocolypse.

  7. Perhaps you could have deep-fried the Twinkie. Maybe it will taste better. Plus you can stock up on them because they last forever and will get you through the zombie apocolypse.

  8. Tom, you know you sound just like your brother, right?

  9. I think my kids all like Pop Tarts. Very handy when you are camping. Of course, they tend to like those disgusting “vanilla milkshake” and “hot fudge sundae” flavors…and none of them have had them toasted and then slathered with butter. I think cherry might be the best. Still, though, they are a rarity around here. Poor things usually are stuck with homemade pancakes or waffles.

  10. Funny, we had a blog worthy Twinkie experience this weekend too.

  11. The funny part is, that I have never had a twinkie in my life. my mother was proud of her baking skills and did not allow purchased desserts in the house. I just enjoy driving my kids crazy.

    Dad R.

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