Pro-Life Ads to Air During the Superbowl

Randall Terry Campaign to Run Pro-Life Commercials During Superbowl Game

I know many people are uncomfortable with graphic images of abortion.  I know many people think that displaying the horror of abortion will not change hearts and minds.

I am uncomfortable with graphic images of abortion.  I don’t like to see them.  I don’t want my children to see them.

But I also don’t like to see the photos of the Nazi death camps: the piles of bodies, emaciated to nothing; the naked men and women, shockingly still able to walk despite quite literally being nothing but skin and bones.  But I think everyone, at some point, must see these images.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  We must be horrified, or we risk becoming numb to the reality.

When I read Unplanned by Abby Johnson, I found it very interesting that in her first chapter she described her horror when she had to assist in an abortion by holding the ultrasound wand in place.  She had to watch the abortion so that the doctor would be sure to have a good image.  It is one thing to “assist” an abortion by shuffling paperwork in another room or by walking women to and from their cars.  It is quite another to witness an unborn child fighting for his life.  That event had her fleeing the clinic and seeking comfort with her enemies – the pro-lifers’ office down the street who had been praying for her, specifically for her, for years.

Yet, by the last chapter, she seemed to argue that graphic images were not as effective as kind words and prayers.  Now, I am confident that the years of praying for her and reaching out to her were very instrumental in her conversion.  But it seems clear that witnessing that abortion was shockingly and immediately effective in changing her views.

Randall Terry is running for president only because TV can not edit a presidential candidate’s ads.  These ads will be graphic, and I will be sure that my younger children are protected from viewing them if they air in our area.  However, I do support their airing.  I do think America needs to see what is happening, legally, every day in this country.

To view the ads, and to support their airing in additional cities, go to Terry for President

2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Ads to Air During the Superbowl

  1. According to Terry's website he can only run Superbowl ads where is registered to run in the primary. He's not registered in Georgia (or fl) dso you don't have to worry about your kids. He is running in Oh. To see the other States, go to his website and click on the “abortion gang” link. Please also read the article. It's hideous.

  2. Thanks, Barb. South Carolina was the one state I thought he might have ads in – several of our local stations are out of there (Savannah is equidistant to SC and FL), but I didn't think to check his website to see where, duh.

    Yeah, I know about the Abortion Gang. Disgusting.

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