The Party’s Over

Not only is it time to go back to work and school, the unseasonably (even for Savannah) warm weather has come to an abrupt end.  They are actually using terms like “wind chill” – and they really mean it.  Last night, at bedtime, the temperature in my house was 72 degrees…and this was with the heater off, as it has been off for about 2 weeks.  In fact, I almost put the A/C on the other evening so it would be comfortable for sleeping, but we managed to do without, thanks to ceiling fans in every bedroom.

This morning, it was 66 degrees, which I realize is higher than where some of you folks with thick winter blood normally set it, but I am just not that tough.  Plus, I’ll never get the kids out of bed if it’s that cold.  Outside, it is 33 degrees (yes, yes, above freezing – but 20 degrees colder than yesterday morning) with wind gusts making it feel like 14 (which is cold, by most standards).

I’m drinking a hot cup of coffee and contemplating my morning run, which just doesn’t seem very appealing.

3 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

  1. You're insane on the running! It's my day also, but I've moved running day to tomorrow. 22 this morning with a windchill in the teens. Our high for the day is 36. Too cold for this girl. And I can't believe you run pregnant. You're my hero.

  2. More like a shuffle, Kris. I went running with Bill one day last week, and after our 10:40 mile, I gasped, “Are you trying to kill me?”

    It's supposed to be 22 tomorrow morning, and I think I hear the treadmill calling my name.

  3. Shuffle or not, you rock.

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