Envy and Stealing Joy

Envy is a feeling of sorrow at another’s good fortune and joy at the evil which befalls him; as if we ourselves were injured by the good and benefited by the evil that comes to him.

So, let’s say the rule is that you are supposed to wear a uniform to work, and so are your co-workers.  And let’s say that one of your co-workers has been getting away with not wearing the correct uniform to work.  That’s totally not fair, right?  It’s an injustice that needs to be fixed, and you are just the right person to go whining to the boss to point out that he is failing in his duties as a manager in upholding corporate rules and regulations.  And the boss listens to you and decides that he has no choice but to make your co-worker comply with the dress code.  Congratulations.  You have scored such a high moral victory.  (Yes, that is sarcasm.)

Because, let’s suppose that this coworker has a long white beard and long white hair (not against the rules), and let’s suppose he wears wire-rimmed glasses (also, within regulations), and let’s suppose the alternative outfit he wears is a red, fuzzy suit which makes him look just like Santa Claus.  And let’s suppose the reason he got away with breaking the rules is because everybody, from all your co-workers and the bosses to people who live on his route, especially little children, thinks he is the most wonderful man on the planet and feel happier for a few minutes whenever they see him.

And whenever people see you, they walk away with a sour taste in their mouth, because you don’t know how to create joy, so you steal it.

I hope you are happy.  But thousands of people are sad, including people like me who read this article and now have a sour taste in their mouth.

US Postal Service Tells Carrier to Stop Dressing Like Santa

5 thoughts on “Envy and Stealing Joy

  1. OH, COME ON, USPS! That is so ridiculous. If I saw a Santa with real beard and full red suit carrying my mail, I'd love it and I am far from being a kid anymore.
    One of the ushers at our church is a Santa…and he only dresses in red or green, year round. (He does not wear a Santa suit to church but his winter parka IS red.) The kids always look at him and wonder, and he encourages them to be good. On the last Sunday before Advent, before he gets busy being a Santa, he gives all the kids a little card on the way out that says “I saw Santa today and he says I'm on the Good List.” His Santa photo is on the back. Little Brother will tell you that Santa goes to our church, and every Christmas he looks for Santa, goes up to him after Mass and THANKS HIM for the Christmas presents. He is not the only child who does this.
    There's no good reason to take away the magic and joy that brings, just for the sake of some stupid uniform rule.

  2. We have a Santa in our parish, too! This time of year, the children just stare and stare whenever we see him. 🙂

  3. Oh, and that dress code isn't universal… or, at least, it isn't enforced here, either. Our carriers wear regular street clothes and even drive ordinary cars.

  4. Interesting story. I say leave Santa alone. I am wondering what the motive was for the other employee complaining. What it really envy? Maybe one of those anti-Christmas types. A “happy holiday” guy? Because the word “Christmas” does contain the word Christ after all, and you know how crazy that makes the secularists.

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