Tragedy Narrowly Averted

Bill got home late tonight after spending the afternoon with the Scouts at a campsite.  He stinks of smoke.

We talked for a bit, and then he got a beer glass.  “Don’t get too much,” I told him.  “I’m going up to bed in a minute.”

“I just need a nightcap,” he said.

He returned from the kegerator with a half glass, took a mouthful and gagged.

“Is it skunked?” I asked.  It was.  I fear the children may have knocked the plug out of the wall.  We keep the beer in the playroom, of course.  The keg was nearing the end anyway, so it was ok that it skunked out.

But not really ok, since it is 10 pm on a Saturday night in Georgia!

“Quick!  Go to Publix before it closes!” I urged.  Putting his shoes back on and heading out was the last thing he wanted to do, but if he didn’t...”If you don’t buy some beer tonight, you’ll have to drive all the way to South Carolina tomorrow!”  Actually, I don’t know that South Carolina sells alcohol on Sunday either…perhaps Florida does.  Oh, I hope Florida does since we may move there next.  But certainly, a 2 minute drive across the street is much better than hoofing it to another state just so you can have a nice drink while you watch football.


He has returned, successful.  I can now go to bed, and sleep peacefully knowing that he will be a happy man tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Tragedy Narrowly Averted

  1. Ah, gotta love the “dry” South! Loved this story 🙂

  2. What a great wife!

    “There will be peace in the valley” tomorrow.

    Everyone frequently says you will be nominated for sainthood.



  3. Ah, just the excuse I need to further convince dh we don't really want to go South. Does buying it in bulk save $? I'd never thought about that till reading this post, 😉

  4. In college there was no alcohol in SC on Sun. Good choice, Bill.

  5. Yup, the Blue Laws still say no to selling alcohol on Sunday in South Carolina. We have relatives living there. When my German uncles came over to America for a visit, they tried to buy alcohol on Sunday and got into a “neither of us speaks the other's language” fight with the clerk when he refused to check it out. Yet another reason they're sure Germany is wunderbar and America is a cultural backwater.

  6. I worked one summer for a company in Germany. They had beer in the vending machines in the break rooms.

    According to one website I visited, SC does not allow ANY alcohol sales on Sunday, but GA allows local ordinances to rule (and we live in an area dominated by those who think drinking on Sunday is evil, I guess). The same website says that Florida is like Georgia…and another website said that the Tampa area, for the most part, permitted sales on Sunday after 11 am, with local ordinances possibly nixing that. Hooray!

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