Another Day, Another Rant

Florida Hotel Fires Employee for Refusing to Remove American Flag Pin

The email I sent Casa Monica:

Dear Casa Monica,
Last month, my sister and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in St. Augustine and stayed in your hotel.  We were happy to be so centrally located to all the sights in the historic district.  We didn’t spend much time at the hotel, but our room was such an oasis after a busy day of shopping and sightseeing.
I am planning to return in a few months to share St. Augustine with my husband.  Unfortunately, we will not even consider staying at Casa Monica.  I understand the reason and the necessity for rules concerning dress codes, however, the wearing of an American flag pin should not ever be against a dress code in the United States.  Your firing of Sean May for wearing such a pin is an indication that the Casa Monica hotel does not support the ideals upon which this country was founded. 
You may have whichever rules that you like, and I do respect your right to make and enforce them.  And I may choose whichever hotel I wish to stay in, of which there is a plethora.  It definitely will not be Casa Monica.  As the spouse of an Army officer, I am offended by your actions, and I will be sure to tell all my friends, who are primarily military, where not to stay if they have an opportunity to visit St. Augustine.

6 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Rant

  1. Well said! I hope they get a ton of these types of letters!

  2. Good for you! Love to hear their response if you get one.

  3. Just sent my email….

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