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My once a week posting is rather pathetic.

These are busy times.  I know so many of you have only really just begun schooling, but here we’re around week 8 or 9.  Got a bit behind last week, since our Oktoberfest was on Saturday, and I had tons to do.  My sister was here all week, and she was a tremendous help in baking, cooking, cleaning, and decorating.  I would have done no school at all if she hadn’t been here making me feel guilty for neglecting my children and doing more than half the work to get ready for the party.

I’ve sold 4 ACU stockings already.  That’s quite an early start to the Christmas season, even for overseas shipping. 

Last night was the LAST practice for flag football and the last game is Saturday.  Woohoo.  It’s sad that I am so happy when the seasons are over.  I won’t have my Monday evenings completely back, but now I only have one child doing an activity that night instead of 4.

Fritz and I did the Life Chain on Sunday.  There were one or two rude people, some supporters, but the vast majority were apathetic.  Apathy is much harder to fight than hatred, because at least people who hate have passion that can be turned to the good.  People who don’t care at all are much harder to get fired up.  If you haven’t yet seen this movie, it’s worth the half hour.  Unfortunately, talking to every single individual for a half hour in order to change his or her mind is a tedious job, especially when their lack of interest just has them walking away. 

I took pictures a week or more ago of all the kids to update the sidebar.  Mary does not at all look like that any more.  Most of the kids look older.  Go figure.  Someday I’ll get around to updating them.  Jenny had her 8th birthday a few weeks ago.  Mary’s 4th birthday is Saturday.  How does this happen? 

And speaking of feeling old, Bill and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on Friday.  We met and started dating 22 years ago.  That’s a long time.

Must kiss hubby goodbye for work.  Perhaps I’ll post again before next week.

2 thoughts on “Just stuff

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I really enjoyed the link and posted it to my facebook page. Thank you for posting it on your blog!! I know a few of my friends may de-friend me, but it's worth sharing!

    Thank you, Michelle!
    Angie K.

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