This and that

I still have to finish blogging about our trip to Atlanta.

(I never finished blogging about our trip to Disney…that was last January…so many photos, never posted…my children’s memory books will never be done…)

My book giveaway for The Invisible World was never claimed by Marylu.  Email me!

I feel like I’m on that playground ride that spins and you have to hold on tight or you’ll fall off.!

If you want to read that article about my husband’s unit without buying the magazine, the link is here.  No photo spread, but at least you get the story.

We’re on Week 6 of school.  I am flogging my children daily.  If they were A-types like me, we’d be on Week 8 or 9, but I won’t make them do more than their daily assignment M-F.  I secretly wish they would want to do school on Saturday or at least one extra assignment every day, but am resigned to the fact that they are not me.

Have a great day.

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