The Parade

“You didn’t post a single picture of the parade,” complained my husband after reading my last post.

“Honey, we have 200 pictures from that parade.  I really think it needs a post all by itself.”

I’m not putting all 200 (actually 223) pictures here.  Many were blurry or we just couldn’t quite capture the essence of what we saw.  This is just a taste of the parade.  Like anything in life, you have to experience it to really experience it.

Evil stepsisters

Ahem.  Not what I’d want my daughter wearing for Halloween.

The Dread Pirate Roberts


Back to the Future car


Don’t you think this guy is too old for this silliness?

I think this guy is from Halo.

Nice teeth.

Pretty scary dude.


Some of these people looked like they walked off a movie set.

LEGO Darth Vader

LEGO Princess Leia

More great costumes

The boys were drooling

I don’t know if this guy was really tall or if he had stilts.

The time and money these people invest in costumes…

Princess Leia pushes a baby stroller.

Clone Troopers in kilts – a bagpipe band

Some thing from Star Wars

More trooper things

More troopers in kilts

 The parade was at 10 am.  I guess the convention began right afterward.  We moved on to other adventures.  Later that day, in the late afternoon, we were driving around downtown Atlanta.  I guess the convention was on break or done for the day.  Many strange creatures roamed the streets of Atlanta.

Waiting to cross is some very tall Star Wars (?) character

This guy (from Halo?) saluted me as I took his picture

It’s the Old Spice commercial guy.

I saw the Old Spice commercial guy during the parade, but didn’t get his picture.  That last shot was done at least 7 hours later.  Dude spent the day in a towel.  And no, he was not nearly as good looking as the real Old Spice guy.  Not even close.

We went to Mass that evening (that’s what Catholics on vacation do), and I did not see anyone dressed up.  My sister and husband, though, said there was a Jedi knight in a wheelchair.  Obviously, he had been assigned to the Jedi Warrior Transition Battalion.

2 thoughts on “The Parade

  1. I can honestly say that although I have lived her for 18 years, I did not even KNOW there was a DragonCon parade downtown. We will so have to go another time. Where did you end up going to Mass?

  2. This would have been a very cool (you see? i'm on a roll) parade to see, “cheeky” girls and all.

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