Advil for Breakfast

Storming Atlanta

We’re just back from a weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.  It’s been about a year since Bill and I did this kind of trip: wake up early, stay up late, walk walk walk, and walk some more, see this, do that, mandatory fun sort of vacation.  I brought back 682 photos, of which I will only post a tiny fraction.  The great thing about digital cameras is that you can take 682 pictures and be happy with a few dozen good shots.  The kids moaned and whined the entire trip…well, everybody whined a few times, some whined more often than others, and when you have 6 children (and 2 occasionally grumpy adults), there’s always somebody whining.  All that walking, much of it with an extra 30 lbs on my back or shoulders, means I had Advil for breakfast.  More posting to follow after I take a shower and start the laundry.

Better than Crossfit

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