Waste not, want not

I’m working hard to downsize our liquor supply.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  (Why, you may ask, must I do such a thing?  The main targets are a few of the duplicate bottles we happen to have, gifted to us, or accidentally purchased.  I have two bottles of Jaegermeister, enough to last several lifetimes.  I’ll happily give one away as I do not see me using it in any way, shape, or form.  Any takers?)

One very large bottle of Kahlua is almost empty, and it is the main focus of my energies since I have a smaller bottle almost full, and since tall bottles do not fit well in the cabinet we use for liquor storage.  I can fit some tall bottles in the front, but the rest need to clear the shelf and tuck underneath.  I try to save the tall storage space for things like vodka or rum which are used frequently.

The Kahlua bottle has recipes on the back for White Russians and Mudslides.  I tried a White Russian, and it was ok.  I really wanted to try a Mudslide, but you need Irish Cream for it, and we had none.  So I bought Irish Cream (in a short bottle) to help use up the large bottle of Kahlua.  Does that make any sense?  No, I didn’t think so.  I did like the Mudslide, though.  And it’s always nice to have Irish Cream on hand.

Then I found this recipe: Aunt Eileen’s Kahlua Dessert.  It uses a whole cup of Kahlua.  I think I need to have a party just so I can make this dessert.

I’m also wondering if this recipe for meatballs, which uses Guinness, wouldn’t also taste good with Kahlua.  Any thoughts?

Here’s another potentially good recipe: Easy Sweet Potatoes with Kahlua.  And sweet potatoes are healthy, too.  Really, how could I not try that?

After the Kahlua is gone, I’ve got a bit of tequila to finish off.  I have been negligent in making margaritas this summer.  Bill is off next week, so that seems like the perfect time to chill out.

8 thoughts on “Waste not, want not

  1. My sister Jenn has a kahlua cake recipe that is wonderful-truly! I'll have to get her to send it to you. We've used it for groom's cakes, and she is making it for my hubby's 40th next weekend. You'll never want to “get rid of” kahlua again.
    Oh, I also have a good fruit dip with kahlua if you're interested.

  2. Oh. I SO wish you lived closer to me…!! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jess and Jenn, for that recipe. My husband's birthday is coming up…maybe he would like it. And yes, Jess, I would like that fruit dip recipe. Any healthy way to eat Kahlua is terrific in my mind.

    Kris, is it the Jaeger? I'll bring it to you! I wish we were closer too. Friends who appreciate a well stocked liquor cabinet are, unfortunately, rare.

  4. Eeew to the Jaeger – I'm with you on that one! No – I'm just admiring a woman who is so creative with alcohol. You would fit right in to my regular Wine Wednesday group… Plus, I know that I would like you even more than I already do if I actually got to spend some time with you!

  5. Here is the fruit dip recipe I got from a cousin. The only thing healthy about it is the fruit!

    Kahlua Dip:

    8oz Cream Cheese- softened
    1 Cup Cool Whip
    3/4 Cup Brown sugar
    1/3 Cup Kahula
    1 Cup Sour cream

    Blend cream cheese, brown sugar, Kahula, and sour cream until smooth. Fold in cool whip and refrigerate.

    Those Guinness meatballs look delicious. Do kids like them? I may add them to the party menu….

  6. Thanks, Jess! Are you saying fruit smothered in sugar and booze isn't healthy? Nah!

    About half my kids like the meatballs, which isn't a bad stat. My sister likes them so much that's the recipe she uses for any kind of sauce. They are like Swedish meatballs, but with a slightly different kick.

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